Welcome to Touch Frankfurt

We are a friendly Touch Rugby club from Frankfurt, Germany, always looking for new players. 

We offer regular training sessions as well as the opportunity to play competitve tournaments. We enjoy the summers with the Ostpark geese and we play Turbo Touch during the cold months.

Touch is rugby for everyone. It's easy to get started at any time of the year, even if the season has already started. Just arrange a trial session with us!

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Why you'll have a good time with Touch

No Tackling and Mixed Teams

Touch is similar to rugby but without the tackling. What makes Touch so amazing is that we play in mixed teams with 3 girls and 3 guys on the pitch at anytime.

Easy to Learn Even Without Rugby Background

Touch can be a twice a week social event amongst friends, or taken very seriously all the way to the Touch Rugby World Cup.

A Great Way to Socialize

Have a beer with us at Ostpark after training, come to our Christmas party or go on a weekend trip to play a tournament and discover a new city.

Our players love Frankfurt and come from many different parts of the world. There's hardly a language that is not understood - natürlich auch Deutsch!

Membership Benefits

Becoming an official club member is neither hard nor dear.


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