Trial Session

Trial sessions are possible at any time of the year, even if the season has already started. Feel free to come along to any of the sessions you can find in our TeamApp calendar.

Our coaches are excited to meet you!

How to arrange a trial session?


Register with our TeamApp

We are using an awesome tool called "TeamApp" to organize training and events. There is a website version, but for most of us the Android or iOS apps are more usable.

Find a training session and RSVP

Browse our "Dates" section on TeamApp and RSVP for a training session in the near future. If there are currently no training sessions on TeamApp, if you are uncertain about something, or you do not want to register yet, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact form at the bottom of this page.

Come along and play with us

Pack your sportswear and some water and come along!

Trial Session FAQ

What do I need to bring?
Good mood is a great start :). Apart from that it would be good to bring something to drink and some shoes with studs (non metal) if you have them. You can of course also play in trainers if you prefer, but the ground can be a bit muddy/slippery. And just so there is no confusion, there are no changing rooms at Ostpark. There is a kiosk and public toilet at the other end of the park but that's as far as it goes with amenities.

For the first few sessions you don’t need anything special, in the future you may need a pair of shoes with grip. Football or hockey boots do a good job for most players. For indoor (Turbo) sessions, you will need some clean trainers.
Is there parking at Ostpark?
What is TeamApp?
What are the benefits of using TeamApp?
What data is required to register with TeamApp?
I have a very old phone. Can I still participate?

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